Welp, my first post…

Feels like pressure…

What to say? Who will see it? How private should I be? Does that defeat the purpose?

I want to be a cat. My cat to be precise. Napping in the sun. Sitting on a lap getting loved on. Eating. Playing.

My fish had babies! I have found six so far. Very cool.

I am sick.

I am tired of being sick.

I want a full, rich, energetic life back.

No one knows I'm sick. I hide it well.

I want to get a PhD. I'll be applying this fall. I'm sure you'll hear a lot about that.

It is September 16th and I have cranked up my wood stove for the first time this season. It was 39 degrees last night.

Need to get this stream of consciousness pinging out before I can focus.

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