To Kitten or Not to Kitten

Today's big exciteme nt came in the form of a little grey ball of fur. There is a kitten, I'd guess about 6 months old, talking and talking and talking on the front deck. Just as cute as can be, but also as scared as can be. I gave it some food and water and it ate fast – must have been pretty hungry. I also sat outside and tried to get it to come to me, but it was just too skittish. Right now he's sitting just outside the front door, talking and looking sleepy. My two cats are not sure what to make of it – one is curious but keeping her distance. The other is curious, getting close, and sometimes just watching, sometimes yowling a bit. Hmmmm… Even if the kitten came and crawled right into my lap I'm not sure if my current two would cooperate. Anyone want a kitten?

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