How did I get lucky enough to have two great jobs?

I tell you, I really do count my blessings because I have two jobs that I really enjoy. Yes, having two jobs sucks, but I have had two jobs pretty much ever since I graduated from college. For a long time it was to help pay off debts and student loans. Then it was to save for a house. Now it's to pay for the friggin house. But I digress.

My primary job is at a university. I work with an IT group creating websites, tools, and resources for college students. It could not be more fun – like playing all day long. We just hired a designer to join our team and had a two hour meeting this afternoon talking about the complexities of identity development. Ha! How many people's brains have shut down just thinking about a two hour meeting? But it was fun and challenging and engaging and informative. It was great!

Plus, college students are just awesome. There are so many facets to them and they are dealing with so many things as they plow through classes in pursuit of a degree and a job. I had a great conversation today with a student who is the liaison between the exec board of her business fraternity and a disgruntled group of brothers. She is facilitating a meeting tonight to allow the brothers to express their frustrations. We processed what might happen, played out a variety of possible ways to approach the situation, and tried to think proactively about moving the group from the frustration to healing and productivity. So great. How many times in adult life do you get in such open and earnest conversations. Love it.

My other job is working as an in-home therapist with families who have kids at risk or already in foster care. The kid I'm working with now is 6 years old and just as cute as can be. He is learning to read and count objects. He was pointing and counting the dates on a calendar saying nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-oneth, twenty-twoth, twenty-threeth… Oh…My…God… How cute is that? I just can't help but crack up when I'm around him. He does stuff like that all the time.

So… life is good and I'm just really darn lucky.

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