I’m with You, Skittlefish

Your post does not give me much confidence! Yikes! I'm applying to grad school this semester too. So far I've taken the GRE's, selected my references, and finalized the list of schools to apply to. I am actually planning to take vacation the week of October 8-12 to start writing personal statements and plunge into the applications. I think most of my schools have most of their process online <fingers crossed> but I expect to be doing some head banging by the end of the week.

Comfort in numbers? Misery loves company? Either way, I'm glad there are others out there to talk to about it. Good luck with yours!

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4 thoughts on “I’m with You, Skittlefish

  1. The application process is like a pre-screening system for graduate school. If you can't figure it out and get it done, then you don't belong there.Congratulations on getting this far!

  2. Things are going well. I made really good progress last week – got a lot done with online apps, and collecting all the pieces requested. First draft of my personal statement is done too. I'm pretty happy with my progress overall. How about you?

  3. About the same. My first app. to my first choice is done and out of the way; the rest are on hold until next month, because my senior thesis is taking all of my attention. What program are you going into?

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