Sunday Morning Ramblings

It's 9am and I've already gotten teary at the Free Hugs video and the scene when the puppy chose his new family on Animal Planet. Hmmmm… Wonder what that means? Better make a chocolate run.

Along those lines… there is something that has made my life oh so much happier in the past two weeks. Something you would never expect to have that kind of impact. Something totally innocuous. Not a living thing. Not an event. Not a form of entertainment. It's a brand new…

Martin's Grocery Store! Oh my… I worked in pet stores for a while growing up and pretty much my whole paycheck went right back to the store each week. Why do I have the feeling that that's exactly what is going to happen with Martin's? From the produce, to the organic selection, to the deli, to the salad bar, to the bulk foods aisle… Oh my… It's like crack to me: addicted from the first step in the store. But oh so blissfully happy.

A Sunday morning ritual for me is reading PostSecret. If you don't know what it is, check it out at People are fascinating. Pretty much my whole life has centered around people in one facet or another, so this kind of glimpse into someone else's life is amazing. There are always a bunch of postcards that resonate for one reason or another. This morning, it was this one…

Like everyone else, I had both extreme highs and extreme lows and everything in between in high school. My best friend in the world is from then, I've never had another friend like him since. In some crazy WTF alternate reality, I just went back to my 20th reunion last summer. 20th. Twentieth. 2-0-t-h. That's ten plus ten. Holy cow! When did that happen?

I had to go. I had some pretty intense friendships and relationships that had a big role in shaping me into the adult I became and I was hoping to see those folks. I also wanted to see all the dickwads who were so friggin mean to everyone and everything around them. Basically, I needed to face some demons and I wanted to reconnect with some very special people. Your typical high school reunion.

The reason this resonated was that the dickwads who were organizing the event only managed to invite their friends.Assholes. I only found out because my BFF still lives where we went to school and he heard about it and told me. Despite many many many offers to help organize, plan, and find people… all of which were rejected… they plowed right ahead and only managed to notify 40 people. Piss me off… just as selfish and self-serving as back then. Well, we agreed at the time that we wanted to have a 25th reunion in order to try and get more turnout and the call just came out (from a different person this time) to start trying to reach people. This time, I am hopeful.

And now, in order to purge myself of the acid-like feelings I apparently still have towards my jackass classmates, here are a couple of cute kittens for your (my) viewing pleasure…

Similarly, I am already excited for Halloween this year for some reason. So here are some nice photos of cute dogs in costumes… By the way… why do dog owners seem to dress up pugs far more than other types of dogs? I'm not complaining, they're fabulously cute, but still…

SupermanSpiderHot dogsBeedog

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ramblings

  1. I'm too scared to even go look!!! Whenever a story comes on the news about the mistreatment of an animal I sing really loudly until I can get to the controller to change the channel. I find it hard to watch Animal Rescue as well.

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