Orkin Sucks

Nuff said.

All right. I think I've sufficiently cooled down enough to write this without too many curse words..

I live in a cabin in the woods. Perfectly heavenly except the critters think they can live in the house too. I was ok with that until the eight legged variety started breeding and popping out hundreds of tiny copies. I hired Orkin to come out and clean up the spiders. They suckered me into signing a five month contract. I didn't want to do it, but they put a super nice and rationale salesman on the phone who totally disarmed me and had perfect answers for all my questions.

The first visit, which I thought at the time was horrendous, turned out to be the best one. The guy flew through the job and would barely take time to listen to where I told him the webs/nests were. It was a total rush job, wham bam on to the next sucker.

And it was all downhill after that.

The second and third months they just didn't bother to show up at all.

The fourth month the guy called on Tuesday to say he was coming Thursday. I told him absolutely NOT to come Thursday because I would not be there and he could therefore not get into the house. He showed up anyway, sprayed around the perimeter, and charged me for an entire service.

I called Orkin and complained. Again, I got the salesperson of the universe who once again calmed me down, said all the right things, and convinced me to give them one more shot. Against my better judgment, I agreed and set up an appointment for the next month. To which they did not show. Again.

As I said, Orkin sucks. I quit. AND I still have spiders.


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