Need Advice on Overweight Cat

I need some advice from all you cat lovers out there. I have an absolutely beautiful, sweet as can be calico cat that has a weight issue. If you look at most of her body, she looks ok – not lean by any stretch of the imagination, but like a normal sized cat. But she also has these pouches that hang below her abdomen that (I have heard) are just pouches of fat.

I have had her on Iams weight loss dry food for about a year and I don't see much, if any, difference. She goes back to the vet soon but I think she is going to be roughly the same weight as last year. She seems happy, I am concerned because the vet told me every extra pound on a cat is like 20 extra pound on a human. So if her ideal weight is 9-10 pounds and she weighs 12, it's like she's 40-60 pounds overweight. Yikes!

So… suggestions? I tried giving her Science Diet, but she wouldn't eat it. She's not super duper finicky, but is a bit picky. She's an outdoor cat so can go outside for play/exercise anytime she wants. I also have another cat that is a big, solid male. He does not look overweight at all and interestingly, the Iams weight loss food does not seem to have affected his weight either. Hmmmm…

I'm open to thoughts and opinions! Here she is… You can see the pink area in front of her hind legs – those are the pouches. I don't have one of her standing up, that's where you get the best view.

And this is my other cutie patootie. He is annoyed with me for following him around with the camera.

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6 thoughts on “Need Advice on Overweight Cat

  1. My Pooh is the same way, only he's around 17-20 lbs! You can see in the pictures on my Vox. I've tried putting out less food & only feeding once a day, but when there are two cats it's pretty hard to limit the nummers. And I'm in a small studio apt, so I can't lock each one in a separate room with their own food or anything. I don't know what to do either and I'm worried 'cause my guys are 10 1/2 & I want them to be here a lot longer. 😦

  2. Awww… your cats are so cute! 10 and 1/2 – wow! They have lived a nice life. What is that in people years? Same as dogs? 70ish? They look like they like each other a lot. Mine are like that too. It's cute to see them snuggled up together.I stopped by the pet store to ask their advice and I've bought Nutro Indoor Weight Control. The sales person swore all cats & dogs LOVE Nutro because it's chicken based (as is Iams), so I'm hopeful. If they will eat the Nutro, I'll keep them on that for a while and see if they lose anything. She said that she did not think there was much of a difference between weight loss products so not to get my hopes up. Sheesh…

  3. My cat also had some weight issues but it was impossible to keep him lean as he was always catching birds and mice. He weighed 9 kilos – not sure what that is in pounds – about 20 I think and the vet never seemed to care – she said he was – a big beautiful boy. He died recently though and broke my heart. As they get older that saggy tummy gets worse. We have a thin cat that has a saggy tummy.

  4. My cat is severely overweight (8.4kg right now). She's on Hill's Prescription Diet which we get from the vet. So far she's only lost a couple of hundred gram so it's a long way until she's at a healthy weight again.The vet told us that the key to cat weight loss is the amount they eat. Trying to get them to exercise is pretty much futile as they're not going to get enough to make them lose any significant weight.If your cat is fussy and you want to try a new food, mixing the two to start off with can work wonders. Our cat used to be really fussy. She wouldn't just only eat one brand of cat-food, she'd only eat two different flavours of that brand! The first few days she wouldn't eat her new food, so we started by mixing half old 'evil' food and half new healthy food. She soon got used to it and now is quite happy to eat the Hill's stuff.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Someone else mentioned Hill's… I can try that next. It's good to know it's working (if slowly) for your cat, EWQ. Mine have adapted easily to Nutro… whew! That's a relief. They are indoor/outdoor and catch things all the time. Moles/voles typically come in dead. Chipmunks and mice come in alive. In almost four years they have only brought in 4-5 birds, only one of which was dead. I have no idea how many they might be eating before they even get in the house! But I'm 100% sure they eat things outside so I know that affects their diet. I'll keep you posted.

  6. We're also having trouble helping our heaviest kitty, Kemi, lose weight. I think he's 18 lbs. He doesn't even eat very much (he refuses to eat the wet food we give them in the morning). He only eats the dry crunchies. He has a little problem with his jaw, so it takes him longer, but I don't think he eats more than his brothers. Maybe it's metabolic? We changed cat foods, and it didn't make a difference. If anything, he's gotten heavier.It's so tough to control food intake when you have multiple cats… Good luck with your calico. She's very pretty.

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