Ode to Laurie

For Laurie, who was neglected in the Vox Stalkerz contest… Hope you enjoy it, Laurie!

To My Dream of Many Names:

 Long is the day I have spent living your life vicariously. Long is the night I have wished… alas, always in vain… that you had even the dimmest glimmer of knowledge of my existence. But it did not stop my wishing! I tarried.

To know your soul is to know the deepest of deep thoughts. The purest of virtues. The sweetest of wines and kitty cats.

To touch your skin as your dear Daniel did. To blow bubbles with your fruity son. To taste your Pear and know that he is love. Ah… that is to have lived.

 Someday my distractible and photogenic angel, we will romp and play on the Mexican sands and frivol with monkeys and girls named Helen.

 Till then, be well. And think of me often. Your wish is my command.


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8 thoughts on “Ode to Laurie

  1. (Dear Stevie…Thank God you have shared your deepest thoughts of me. Please know that I only reply in anger to please the masses…but deep inside I am quietly smiling…and thinking…"I have arrived I finally have a stalker!!" )

    Although I am flattered by your passionate pleas for my affection I must ask you to banish me from your obsessive thoughts. You see it is obvious that your claims of love are simply the meanderings of a dangerous and warped mind.
    If you truly knew my soul you would know that Kitty Kats are not sweet in my world. They cause my breath to stop and my eyes to bulge from their soccets. This is not an attractive quality for a photogenic Muse such as myself.
    If I am planning to "romp and play on the Mexican sands" It will be with Daniel..ahhh but I am distracte…Distractecd by the question that burns in my forever dancing mind…O' Stalker of Creepiness art thou and Wench or a Sire? Your answer to this is imparitive when I contemplate someone who desires the "Tasting of my pear" (which by the way is a "She"). So I must scorn your unrequited love and name you that which thou doth appear. A Creepy stalker who seems a Hemaphrodite ….
    P.S. call me! 1-555-0069

  2. Well, dang! I don't know my own true love. Therefore… I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you. You are free to frolic with other pears and apples in a kitty free world of interesting things. Fare well and live free.;)

  3. Oh yeah, I'm a wench. But if your Pear is a she, who is this…"So he was walking around in his trunks with no shirt…Ordinarily this
    wouldn't have been an issue but as this story continues it will help
    create a picture in your mind! LOL I also have to add that he is as
    cute as can be ..but he is shaped like a pear…skinny arms and legs
    and big midsection. Okay..now hang onto that picture! ;-)"?

  4. Divorce me??? How can this be?? I finally have a stalker and then…like a sneeze caused by cat hair…you quickly leave me….You know…ahem….I could get shots for the cats…and you can taste my Pear if he'll let you! LOL…Just don't divorce me! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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