She’s back… Whew!

I am so relieved! I spent a good part of last night telling Dunkin how worried I was and that he should go find her and tell her to come home. Lo and behold, about 1am she came in and jumped on the bed and snuggled like she usually does.

I have no idea where she was but she seemed a little more skittish than usual. Could be my overactive imagination, but she also seemed a little skinnier. She looked fine other than that, so I'm wondering if maybe she got stuck in someone's garage by mistake. There are lots of vacation homes nearby and Isabel likes to find quiet places to sleep, so it's not inconceivable… And MUCH better than all the other alternatives I had dreamed up.

Thanks for your well wishes!

Dunkin's glad she's back too… they go off exploring together…

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4 thoughts on “She’s back… Whew!

  1. I know! Isabel is like clock work – I see her every day at breakfast and she comes to snuggle every night when I go to bed. Hardly ever misses a day. Dunkin, on the other hand, I see every morning at breakfast – he NEVER misses a day – but there are some evenings when I won't see him until he jumps up on the bed sometime during the night. All I can say is… whew!

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