Yod Hunt #9 – First Timer, Be Gentle

  1. Show us a candle that has clearly seen better days.

Alrighty… To kick this off I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that two candles are actually missing. I'd say that's pretty bad. And please notice the dust, cobwebs, and dead bugs.

  1. Show us the food item you would eat right now if you were told the world was going to end in five minutes.

Chocolate or coffee? Coffee or chocolate? Heck, either will do, but I love coffee so much it would guarantee at least some happiness in those final minutes.

  1. Take a picture of one of those funny music playing devices that existed before iPods.

Got two of them for you. Both are antique radios. Neither works, but I'm sure they could if someone electronically gifted were inclined to tinker.

  1. Purchase and show us a very cheap generic or knockoff product.

It seems I eat quite a few cheap, generic food products… Except for the toilet paper. I do not eat toilet paper. But it is a cheap, generic, knockoff.

  1. Show us something you've received as a birthday present.
And, finally, for the awwwwww… factor, this is a woodcut cat that my brother made for me when he was about ten. That was twenty years ago and I still love it.

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3 thoughts on “Yod Hunt #9 – First Timer, Be Gentle

  1. Those are really good entries! Nothing to be gentle about, you've definitely fit right in with your choices. I think you win my pity vote for those candles, and those radios are awesome.

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