Currently ignoring my PhD apps and trying not to feel guilty…

Today was supposed to be my day off anyway, but my original plans fell through. So I slept in extra late for me (10am – woot woot) and have been poking around, avoiding my application files, and feeling guilty ever since.

To be honest, I only feel guilty because I know how frustrated I will be later if I don't make good use of this week. I have plans all day Friday and Saturday, so they are out. That leaves today, tomorrow and Sunday to make some good progress. Once normal life kicks back in next Monday I know I will have a hard time dedicating much time or energy – physical or mental – to the process.

So, maybe some realistic goals will help…

Let's see…

Today I want to:
1) Compile the instructions for all the personal statements into one place;
2) See how much overlap there is and start a rough draft; and
3) Drum up 2-3 people to read and provide good criticism for my personal statement.

Hmmm… I think I can do that.
Go team!

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