So, last night I got home from work around 8:00pm and went into the house. Normal, right?

This morning I got up, showered, dressed, fed the cats, took my vitamins, and went out to the car to leave for work. Still normal, right?

The car door was wide open.

Wide. Open.

I got out of my car last night, walked around the open door, and went inside.

How does one do that?

How do you forget to shut a car door?

And where is my brain?


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12 thoughts on “Oops

  1. I woke up, went for a coffee cup and the milk was in the cabinet with the coffee cups. I was too lazy and ready for coffee so instead of tossing it I put a little in my coffee and back in the frig. I must have put it there the night before. I have left my car door open also. It's like our brain misfires deliberately and does something ahead of time that it knows we are going to be doing soon. It thinks fo itself and multitasks so it can rest later?

  2. When my son was an infant I looked ALL OVER THE HOUSE for his shoes. All over. They were in the fridge. How? I don't know. All I can think of is that at some point when I was holding his shoes and trying to calm him and getting a bottle, I must have put his shoes on the fridge rack to grab the milk. There was another time that we were missing a plate, fork and knife. They were in the trash. Either my husband or I must have been scraping our plates and just thrown the whole deal in the trash. I've also been looking for my purse and it's been on my shoulder.And I've nearly driven out of the parking lot with the door to our house open. I just… forgot to close it behind me. Our house! That's far worse than a car! Being sleep deprived can do strange, strange things to a person.

  3. Ahemmmm….I've gotten out of my car…gone into the store…grocery shopped…came back out…Noticed that my keys were still in the ignition and freaked out because I was "so careless as to just leave the keys in the ignition" ONLY to realize that not only were they in the ignition but I'd left the car running too! Yes It's true! I was able to park my car get out and ignore all bells and whistles that should have alerted me to my mistake…All I can say in my defense is that I must not have been taking my Aderall that day! LOL


  4. See… the way I hear it, if you've got kids you are allowed to use that as an excuse for everything. Lord knows especially when they are babies and up all night. Bless your heart.

  5. I had keyless entry! So it wasn't uncommon for me to stick the keys in the glove box and lock up. The radio stayed on for ten minutes when the keys were out of the ignition so the fact that the radio was still on wasn't a big deal either….LOL…Scary huh?

  6. Oh.My.God.Well, DB, you have an iron gut. I'm am too chicken and squeamish to do that. But, if there's ever a huge tragedy and all the electricity disappears, you will be able to survive and I will die. Yay!

  7. Scary, yes. Wow. My worst car mishap before this one was to lock my keys in the trunk AFTER I had locked the car. Did I mention I was running late to a conference I was presenting at? Sigh. That was not fun. But thank god it was at a gas station with lots of people who know cars to help out.

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