Smokey Came to Visit… or was it Yogi?

About two years ago a 3 year old male black bear came to visit me two nights in a row. He was on my back deck eating birdseed out of the storage containers. He was cute and I just found the photos again. So here he is in all his snuggly snorty cuteness.

These were taken with my old 35mm Canon. I had to use the flash or you couldn't see him at all but it made them very washed out and grainy. Ah well… It was still a bear on my back porch!

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16 thoughts on “Smokey Came to Visit… or was it Yogi?

  1. I dunno – aren't they kinda dangerous? I know we have brown snakes, red backs and funnel web spiders lurking around here but I don't think I'd like bears at the back door!! Cute though.

  2. ok… soMy dad would always tell stories about when he was a kid in northern Thailand that he had the best pet EVER. We would hear story after story about how cool this pet was and how it was the saddest day on earth when he had to give the thing up. Years later, while hanging out with my uncles, did I get informed that the pet in question was a BEAR CUB and that his dad got rid of it before it grew up and ate the children! LOL

  3. I grew up in Washington state and I cam remember bears in the trash cans when we were at the lake…I never felt afraid but I might now! LOL
    Stevie I have a program that will get rid of the grain if you would like me to have a go at it just send me a message and I'll try to clean them up a little! 🙂


  4. On the first day, I have to admit I was afraid at first so I took my time sneaking the door open to peek at him. He could have cared less about me though. He watched me watch him as he chewed big mouthfuls of seed. Never made an aggressive move towards me.The second day, however, he was doing a lot more snorting and knocking the cans around. Seemed more anxious. So all my pictures from that day are looking down from the upstairs deck. Ha! That's when I called the police to come scare him away. They just yelled and threw rocks at him. He shuffled off easily enough.

  5. Yeah, that's what they do here too. We back up onto a national forest and they come to chow down at the dumpsters. This guy (at least I suume it's him) still comes through the neighborhood every so often. I put all the seed storage bins inside in my basement, but he tore down and destroyed all my birdfeeders this spring.What program do you use? I'd love to try and clean them up! Thanks for offering.

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