Garden in a Box

So this was a first for me. I actually really hate yard work. I will plant a billion potted flowers and one flower garden every spring, but that's about the extent of it. I live in the woods so I only have 2-4 hours of direct sun in the morning at best, so part-sun and shade plants are the only option. But really, there are only so many impatiens and begonias one can plant.

Let me add now that I also have tons of deer, so I hear the chorus of Hostas! in the background but they are like crack to deer so I can only pot them and put them on my upstairs deck.

I found this Deer-Resistible Shade Garden at my favorite online flower center Jackson & Perkins and since it had both SHADE and DEER-RESISTIBLE in the title I thought "Eureka!" and bought two of them. It came with LIVE plants in a box! Seriously! I have not experienced this before and find it absolutely fascinating so I documented it. Here it what everything looked like layered in the box…

BoxLayer 1Layer 2Layer 3

Here it what it looked like after I unpacked everything. I hope I labeled it all correctly…

Anemone 'Queen Charlotte'Astilbe 'Montgomery'Cinnamon FernsFoxglove 'Candy Mountain'Helleborus & Polemonium 'Purple Rain Strain'

Here is the garden spot before, after, and supplies…

Before1Before 2After 1After 2Poop & Mulch

This is what it is supposed to look like once everything grows and blooms…

Just for kicks, I bought a few perennials to put in the flower garden in front of the house as well. These are Daylilles and Spiderwort.


Here is what they are supposed to look like once they grow in…

And here is what I feel like after digging in the dirt all day… And I've got a guy coming later to deliver firewood which means a good hour of carrying and stacking. Yippee!

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