Yod Hunt Day Two

Topic: Show us something from your house that was purchased for a specific purpose and never used for that purpose (or at all!).

Got a good one for this. Two-for-one actually…
Any of you living with cats can relate to this. Any of you living with cats in a house with lots of wood surfaces – can I get an "Amen!"?

I live in a cabin in the woods. This is the side view of my kitchen counter. When I fist moved into the house my cats immediately started marking territory and finding favorite scratching surfaces. Unfortunately many of the homey, woodsy surfaces were targeted.

So, getting creative, I found items I had purchased for other purposes and never used that the cats would still enjoy scratching but would spare my wood surfaces. The blue/grey stuff on the left is a piece of carpet the brown mat was supposed to be outside my front door. Notice how well "loved" the brown mat is.

This black stuff is the padding that was supposed to go under the blue/grey carpet and now protects my stairway rail. Please notice the top of Isabel's head in the bottom left corner approving of the process.

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5 thoughts on “Yod Hunt Day Two

  1. Oh – Yes. I can relate to this. You have some great ideas there. Fortunately, My Little Soph prefers to scratch on a piece of plywood so I put down a cutting board sized piece to save everything else. Miss Gizzie, however, likes to claw upholstery. Thus I end up covering my pieces which is a shame.

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