Diez y uno

So, I seem to have gained eleven pounds in one month. Eleven pounds in one month… Wha? Really? So it was on two different scales in two different locations. Last month I was wearing exercise clothes, today I was dressed for the 45 degree weather. But still… subtract 2-3 pounds for clothing and I still gained 8-9 pounds. Sheesh… I suppose chocolate chips really do count after all. 

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13 thoughts on “Diez y uno

  1. Go to the bathroom Stevie,lol. I'm kidding. It's that time of the year. Heavier foods for colder weather. Breads and pies and all that good stuff. Stew. I can put it on very fast but it leaves just as quickly. Changes in habits mess with metabolism.

  2. Oh, wow! Shushie! You are just as kind as Stephel. You are now a BFF too. But you also get a gold star because you provided an explanation that is just plausible enough it I could buy it.

  3. Yes, and sadly that is the case. I only fit into two pairs of pants and a few skirts. Top half does not seem to grow at the same exponential rate as bottom half. Sigh… But I'm on a healthy eating kick and hopefully some of it will fall back off pretty quickly.

  4. You say that kiddingly, but I think (hope) that was at least a couple lbs of the problem. I am usually very… ahem… productive… ahem… But yesterday was a really weird day – stressful and off my normal routine. Holy crap (so to speak), you should have seen what I ate for lunch! We had a celebration for a colleague whose daughter just got married. A feast! And I definitely enjoyed myself.

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