Weekend at Mom’s

I'm back after a wonderful weekend at my mom's new house. It's perfect, out in the country, tons of deer all over the place, peace, quiet, and room to roam. It gets so dark at night you can't see your hand in front of your face. There are no lights from nearby businesses, no street lights, and no porch lights to speak of because the neighbor's lights are blocked by trees and the direction of the houses (it's a cul de sac). It's two blocks to a beautiful body of water and small marina where you can go kayaking or moor a small boat. The locals call this body of water a "creek"… You be the judge, I've put photos below. We lost track of how many deer we saw. They literally were everywhere in groups of 3-6. Only saw one buck and he was just past button, but it's clear there's at least one male running around lovin the ladies. TONS of turkey vultures (thought of you Sweet Misery). I included a photo below of them on top of a roof. Unfortunately I took it a few seconds too late because there had been twice as many up there but we spooked them.

My mom and step dad could not be happier. This is their dream home and I'm so excited for them to move in and start this new chapter of their lives. I loved the house so much myself that I'm threatening to "forget" to submit the rest of my PhD apps and move in with them instead. I offered to pay my way by being good company. I think that's a good deal, don't you?

The house itself is fascinating, the longer we were there the more we start noticing little things that made us wonder about the previous owners. Like, for example, the downstairs bathroom… It's bright friggin red. Bright like a fire engine or a red crayon. That by itself is not the problem. What makes it weird is that there are no bright colors in any other part of the house. Every other room is a neutral or subdued color. Weird… Why just that room? And if other rooms were bright like that why change the whole rest of the house but leave that one? Hmmm…

Then there are the white ceramic tiles on the window sills on most, but not all, of the windows on the first floor. Again, why? Why not all of them? Why just the ones they chose? And why ceramic tile anyway? I can see it in the bathroom because there's tons of tile there, but why in the living room and den? The windows are all framed in wood, there is just an extra strip of white tile on some. I don't get it.

Anyway, here are photos from the house and neighborhood. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend at Mom’s

  1. Yes, that is what they are calling a creek. Can you believe it? The creek I have running through my yard is barely a trickle and dries up if it doesn't rain for a while. I like their creek better.

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