Testosterone Run Amok

So, I'm sitting here working on STILL MORE PhD stuff with I Love New York on TV in the background. This show is crazy. The people on it are crazy. It's hard to believe that they are REAL and not actors hired to portray characters. Well, I would not be at all surprised if they did turn out to be hired actors, to tell you the truth. It's just that crazy of a show.

Today, New York is hosting the boys' ex-girlfriends, digging for dirt. NY and her mom are interviewing the girls upstairs while… yep… ummm hmmmm… recipe for trouble… two rejected suitors from the last show interview the boys downstairs. And, as can be totally expected, it got out of control pretty quickly with tables flying and chest-bumping and one-upping each other every other second. Sigh…

One suitor is married… ummm hmmm… one has several… yes, SEVERAL, restraining orders out against exes… Oh, New York, for god's sake get a grip. This is not the platform where you are going to find the love of your life. Of course, sitting at home on my couch watching this show is not where I'm going to meet mine either. Hmmmm….

It also reminded me of a crazy moment driving home from work yesterday. I pull up to a stoplight where 2-3 cars are already stopped. It's dark, totally dark, but in my headlights as I'm approaching I see what looks like a figure walking behind the car. As I get closer I realize it is a person walking outside the car and he's PUNCHING THE CRAP OUT OF ANOTHER GUY IN THE CAR!!!! Really, now… WTF? He whaled on him through the front passenger window, went around, climbed in the back seat, and whaled on him some more. Must have thrown a good 20-30 punches in the minute or so we were at the light.

Freaked me out. I'm not used to violence and do not choose to be in violent environments. The most violence I see is on the football field.

I have no idea why this was happening. Boys will be boys.. it could have been in total fun, "Picking" on each other. Hey, it happens, I know. Boys relate to each other much differently than girls. Boys get pissed, beat each other up, and go right back to being friends. Boys break beer bottles on each other's heads to see if they can. It is what it is. Or this could have been out of anger. Who knows?

What am I doing while this is going on? Honking the crap out of my horn trying to dissuade the guy from continuing to beat the other guy up. What is the other "beat-ee" doing? Just sitting there. Throwing up an arm for protection, but that's it.

I followed them (not on purpose) for another 5 miles where they drove nicely, all four boys in the car sitting in the appropriate seats, no one hitting anyone else. When I passed them they looked pretty chill. So I tend to believe this was a passing pissed off or "you're being an ass" moment that just blew over. I had my phone out. I was ready to call 911. But I'm glad I didn't have to.

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