Beowulf… Yep, It’s Good

Saw Beowulf tonight. It is a good movie, the hype has some value. Once I got past the slightly-off-almost-human-but-not-quite graphics, it was like watching a movie with real people. The story is good – I know I read the book in high school but before tonight all I remembered was that it had a dragon. After tonight, all I remember is that it had a dragon. Sigh… Sorry Mrs. Epstein or Mrs. Carey or whoever was my English teacher at the time. I don't think the movie stays true to the book because even the two English majors I was with couldn't remember the book afterwards. That's saying something.

But it's good. I cried a little, jumped a few times, cheered, and laughed a bunch. Didn't see it in 3D, I'm sure it's even better that way. Worth it to pay to see it on the big screen regardless.

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