We’re out of the playoffs. Again.



JMU played App State today in the first round of the Division 1 AA playoffs. We beat ASU the whole friggin game – we were setting the pace, we scored first then kept one-upping them, We ran their defense ragged. Yet we still lost. Why? Because of a last second fumble on our ONE YARD LINE. The one yard line. Can you believe it? I'm heart sick and sick to my stomach. I really thought we had it. We should have.

What made it even more exciting and gut wrenching is that we were really not exprected to show. We were definite underdogs going in. App State beat Michigan. They are the dragon-slayers. But we outplayed them in every part of the game and we were WINNING 90% of the game. We were on the one yard line, just needing a field goal to win the whole thing and… a fumble.

I have to say I feel really bad for Sullivan, the freshman player who dropped the ball. He was only playing because of injuries and he was doing AWESOME in the 2nd half – making huge plays right when we needed them. The game of his life and as a freshman we still have him for three more years. But he will take a lot of heat and his name will be remembered as much if not more for that fumble than for the other 29 minutes in the half. Poor guy. He played so well though that he will be a force the next three years.

Our QB, Rodney Landers, is amazing.
We have some phenomenal players – LC Baker, Eugene Holloman, Tony Lazotte, Dave Stannard, Baranowsky, Apted, Haywood, Lemn, Scotty McGee, Bolton… Great players. Great team. Great season.

I still love my Dukes, but I am very depressed right now.

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7 thoughts on “We’re out of the playoffs. Again.

  1. I can't believe the season is over. Our last game was yesterday and of course we tanked it. We are the SEC. Our other team however won the division and playoffs and bowl games still to come. Ladies Basketball this afternoon against Iowa. Kevin is a sports nut. I have become one because we go to so many games. Our playoffs start next week.

  2. Who do you guys cheer for? I know Vandy is one… It's tough to watch. If I could go on the field and help, I would. The team actually played really well. The O showed up to WIN which was a nice change, we've been relying on our D a lot lately. Our women's bball team was fantastic last year. Men have been absolutely dismal for several years but have won 3 of the first 4, go figure.

  3. Oh yeah, I am planning to take your lead and take a box of cat/dog toys to my local shelter. I'll take a picture and post it on my blog when it's ready. Great idea!

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