The Best Mousetrap on the Face of the Earth

So, I have cats who go outside therefore I have critters. Lots of critters. Lots of different kinds of critters. Most are cute and furry. Some have feathers. Others are more crawly with shells. But all are critters.

I am a huge wuss by nature and have a hard time with killing things or other kinds of violence. So there is no question that those horrible traps that snap down and pin animals by a body part or are super sticky and glue them in place would never ever ever find a way into my house. But still, I have critters. So what to do?

I thought this was my very original and even brilliant idea till I found 10,000 sites online that talked about something very similar. My idea or not, it works and it's fabulous.

First you need one container tall enough that your standard mouse or chipmunk cannot jump out of. They can really jump surprisingly high.


Next, build a nice ramp right on up to the lip. I like to use pillows, they are stackable and easy on little critter feet.

Third, put a decent amount of bird seed in the can but not so much that they could climb up and jump out. I like to use sunflower seeds. They seem to be like crack for all animals, furry or feathered.

And that's it! Viola! Your perfect mousetrap. Just leave this contraption exactly as it is and check it at least once per day. Guaranteed to catch furry critters loose in your house. I bet this would also catch hamsters and other furry pets that sometimes go on extended adventures outside of the cage.

Look at what I caught… I call her Pookie.

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30 thoughts on “The Best Mousetrap on the Face of the Earth

  1. that's a great design. Serioulsy.Sweetie killed a mouse in the house (his first and I hope the last one we ever get!!!) and I had to pick up all the "remains" — they were all over the place. Poor mouse. Picking up critters is just UGH!!!!!So this is a great "trap"Pookie is adorable.

  2. wonderful idea! I could never kill any other critter (or creepy crawlie) either. If I ever have to catch a mouse, this is the method I'll use.what will become of pretty little Pookie?

  3. Aw… icky. Well, at least it shows that Sweetie is a brave hunter… The Miao Bros catch mice on occasion (usually during transitional seasons, like between summer and colder autumn, or the beginning of spring). Their mousies are always in one piece, though, and sometimes Papa Miao can rescue them before it's too late. He wears thick gloves and gets a shoe box or something.

  4. Bad Cat! Down kitty. No treats for you.Lol… Personally, I scoop it up and take it way far away down by a pond where it can live a happy and peaceful life with other mice.

  5. Sigh… unfortunately a few mice and moles have come in torn up. It's terrible. I hate to see it, but I rationalize it by knowing that if something should ever happen to me my cats would not starve. I try not to think about the poor mousie's last moments.

  6. Sadly, poor little pookie didn't make it. After I took the picture I noticed her right hind paw was hurt, probably from when she got caught, so I decided to keep her until she was healthy enough to set free. But the next morning she was dead – she had quite a few injuries on her stomach, not just her paw. Poor pookie. I like to think her last day was in mousie heaven though – surrounded by all the sunflower seeds she could ever dream of.

  7. Hmmm… a spider trap… what a great idea! What do spiders eat besides insects? I'll work on that because I have a TRUCK-LOAD of spiders during the summer.

  8. We just had a mouse in the house. And we used one of those glue thingies. It was horrible – one night there was this frantic squeaking that woke me up and the poor mouse was caught. I made the man get him, 'cause I didn't want to touch him, and I honestly don't know what he did with him. What are you supposed to do with things that are caught on super glue? Un-stick them and turn them loose? Wouldn't I injure him pulling him off, if he couldn't unstick himself?

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  10. I did the very same thing, good thing, i did it away from the house, because, they started to invite their family members, friends,and b/4 I know it, I was overwhelmed, with the cute little critters!
    You might want to take it outside!
    I bought one of those live nobait mouse traps, they went in , then OUT!, naturally, I took it back, & got my money back!
    I don't like to hurt, maime, any animals either. Wish I had the money ,this year, to feed, all other gods creatures, this winter, but i can''t. glad others, can afford to do this, somewhere in the neighborhood…
    a great site, for unwanted animals, abused etc…is
    wonderful place!

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