Happy Ninja Appreciation Day

So… my colleague Will is a hoot and a huge ninja fan. He is the programmer in our IT department and one of the things I remember best from his initial interview was his goal to create a personality quiz that separated people into four subgroups: ninjas, zombies, pirates, and robots. Hee hee.

For those of you who don't know, yesterday was Ninja Appreciation Day. Will decided to celebrate by wearing his ninja costume to work and having some fun. Here we go… Without further ado, I bring you Will, the ninja.

Will, the ninja, hard at work. I don't know why but this completely cracks me up… a ninja working on a computer in the office…

Ninjas move like lightning, steal candy when no one is looking.

Ninja blue steel… quake in fear…

Will the ninja wreaking havoc on an innocent bystander. (Really his friend, Steve, but that's not as funny.)

Skulking away to rescue cats in trees and strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Ninja Appreciation Day

  1. He seems like my IT guy,lol. I love the baby on the shelf behind him. He better be careful because it may come to life and bite his throat. I love fun at work. Without it we are just being paid to do stuff. I prefer being paid to have fun. Happy Ninja Day.

  2. Ah, DB… Just wait until tomorrow. We have big things a'brewing at work. My boss turned 50 today and we have a whole day of fun planned for tomorrow. It'll be on my blog tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.And the doll. It's a long but really funny story. I do like your idea of it being creepy and coming to life though. That would be something! Then Will would have to use all his ninja prowess to battle it.

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