Dunkin Update

Thanks to everyone for the messages and well wishes. He's home now and seems fine. Whew!

This whole episode has been really rough. I'm sure Dunkin was feeling pretty rotten in the days leading up to Sunday when I finally realized something was wrong. But cats, like my grandmother, will never let you know they are in pain or feeling sick. And true to form, Dunkin was acting perfectly normally last week.

Man, the realization that he could be suffering without me knowing, and the fact he could die and I would never have known anything was wrong, is scary. I try to be tuned into them and pay attention, but this adds a whole new level of attentiveness.

And man, I've been just wiped out emotionally. Sunday and Monday I was basically frozen – waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from the vet whether or not he was blocked and whether he would make it. I didn't want to make travel plans for Christmas because I didn't know what kind of care or planning I would need to do for Dunkin. I didn't know whether to be confident or hopeful or sad. I kept spiraling through all those emotions all day long.

Then the news came that he had blocked but it was just a bit at the tip and crystally instead of solid which was a huge relief. But when I picked him up yesterday morning to transport him from the emergency clinic to the vet, he was so sad and scared and pathetic it sent me spiraling all over again.

He had to wear a cone around his neck to keep him from pulling out the catheter or IV which essentially made it impossible for him to lie down or get comfortable. So he was hovering in a crouched position and kept shifting positions trying to get comfortable. I figure he probably hasn't gotten much sleep the past three days and we all know how much cats like to sleep. He kept shaking the paw with the IV, so I'm sure it was pinching, and he was covered in urine.

And he just looked at me with his big round eyes and cried the whole ride. The hard part was I couldn't really comfort him because I didn't want to disturb the catheter or IV and hurt him in the process, so all I could do was talk to him and scratch his head. That was the hardest thing. I knew he just wanted to crawl into my lap and get loved on but I couldn't do it.

So, after getting a clean bill of health from the vet he's back home and seems to be ok. He's a lot more low key than usual, I think he's exhausted more than anything. But he's taken well to the new prescription cat food (as has Isabel – yay! – she tends to throw up food) and has been quietly snoozing.

Isabel was really funny when Dunkin came home yesterday – it was like she had never seen him before. I laughed my butt off. She froze at first with big bug eyes and just stared at him. Finally she worked up the courage to sniff his cat carrier – very stinky. When he went over to say hi she hissed at him and ran away. That pattern pretty much went on all night. Hee hee. Poor Isabel. I think she loved loved loved being an only kitty and was not happy to have to share my lap and attention again.

So today both cats are inside and I'm monitoring Dunkin to make sure he pees. Tomorrow both cats go to the vet for their annual check-ups. After that, hopefully life will start getting back to normal.

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3 thoughts on “Dunkin Update

  1. Stevie,

    Kevin and I lost our cat Dexter to the same condition. I had him for 20 years and he died the same day he got sick. Or at least the same day he let us know he was sick. We had no idea just like you and he spent half time inside/ half outside. He started crying and we took him to the vet and he died in Kevin's hands as he was handing Dexter to the Vet. She told us to never feed male cats canned cat food because they put some kind of ash in it that causes the crystalization. She said it is very well known to Vets but few tell their cat owners about it. We were heartsick and still are all these years later. We have three little girl and the were his Harem,lol. They miss him as much as we do. He weighed 30 plus pounds. He wasn't even fat, just huge. I am so glad you found out about this in time. I am so glad he is safe and home with you.

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