Cradle of Rome: aka Unhealthy Obsession

And how did you spend your Christmas vacation?

Visiting family?
Cleaning house?
Doing projects?
Learning a new language?

Ok, so I did some of those things, but the vast majority of the past few days has been spent with my new BFF and arch nemesis Cradle of Rome. It's a #%!!##$@ match three game that I downloaded from my favorite site Big Fish Games.


CoR is diabolical. It's a matching game, how hard is that? Right? You just line up the little objects, changing the color of the tile underneath until all the tiles are cleared. Along the way you get to buy buildings and earn citizens, thus growing Rome and working up to the level of the Roman Gods. Sooooooo simple. Here are some screenshots of various levels and stuff…

But @@$%#%$$! CoR has 100 levels and I have only managed to clear 62. And I got through 61 the first day I played. I've been stuck on boards 62 and 63 ever since. Curse curse curse. I even cheated a little bit. I found a way to change the code so I could get more special bonus weapons. Granted, I don't get all that many more so it doesn't really feel like cheating. But good lord almighty. There are three sections of double locked tiles to clear on board 63. I can barely even manage to clear two before the time runs out. How the #@@$%!!# am I supposed to clear all three areas AND change the color of the tiles. ##@%%$$@!

I've been cursing a lot lately. My poor cats keep getting rudely awakened by my outbursts.

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Till then, $#!!#@$%%#.

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4 thoughts on “Cradle of Rome: aka Unhealthy Obsession

  1. I don't mind the challenging puzzles, but I had imposed time limits. My kids were playing a Batman game on the Gamecube that they loved until they hit one level that kept timing out before they could complete it. They never got beyond that point and I eventually had to trade it.

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