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A friend pointed me to the quizzes at, it's the site for Depok Chopra the famous spiritual guide. I have not read his stuff but I think his basic premise is about the mind/body/spirit connection and the quizzes on the site can tell you if and how you are imbalanced. So without further ado… my chopra body type…

All that seems to be right on except for the missing meals part… ha ha. And it seems I am currently imbalanced and have been for about 10 years. I'd say that's true. The "me" I remember prior to 1998 and even some up to 2000ish is dramatically different than the "me" from 2000 till now.

The second part is a quiz to see what your dosha – or mind/body – type is…

A Question of Balance

Section Two provides a snapshot of your current mind body state. The mind body principle that scores the highest number of points in each section, is the one requiring the most attention at this time.

Invoke Your Inner Pharmacy

The first step in regaining balance is to recognize that the environment around you has a profound influence on how you feel. Paying conscious attention to what you hear, touch, see, taste and smell can help create peace, balance and vitality in your mind and body. A harmonized daily routine that engages the five senses with nourishing impressions is one of the most important steps towards achieving Perfect Health.

Accumulated Kapha

Out of balance Kapha leads to heaviness, sluggishness and congestion. Stimulation and movement help overcome the resistance of accumulated Kapha. Think activation and invigoration. Here are some tips to maximize balance and well-being:


  • Take a yoga class to connect to your body and invoke your natural energy
  • Perform a vigorous daily self massage with Invigorating herbalized oil
  • Take deep breaths throughout the day
  • Favor spicy foods with a predominance of pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes
  • Walk 5-15 minutes after eating to aid digestion
  • Drink Invigorating Tea
  • Put your full attention on your meals when eating

Accumulated Vata

When Vata is out of balance, change and movement agitate the physiology resulting in a sense of instability. Balancing Vata requires introducing more grounding and stabilizing influences. Think routine and consistency. Here are a few tips to encourage balance and well-being:


  • Meditate twice a day to quiet the mind
  • Look for opportunities to create rhythm and routine in your life
  • Go to bed and awaken at about the same time every day
  • Wear Relaxing fragrances
  • Listen to slow and relaxing music to calm Vata
  • Minimize heavy reading, eating, or watching TV right before bed
  • Diffuse relaxing fragrances into your environment
  • Favor mild pastel shades and earth tones in your environment

Soooooo… first observation – What do you do when the steps to get you back into balance are conflicting in and of themselves? Hmmm…

Second observation – the Kapha part really rings true to me. Interestingly, I've been trying to do a lot of those things on my own the past three months. I participated in a walking study at work and did feel better when I was getting out there a few times a week. But the pressure of "having to" do it a certain amount per week (it was for a grad student's thesis) was too much and I quit doing it at all. Lesson – just getting out there a bit at a time when I feel like it and not putting pressure on myself might be the trick.

I've also been eating the heck out of some spicy foods. I can't get enough garlic, onions, and hot peppers in my diet. Yum.

Plus I'm looking into joining a new yoga gym in town – all yoga all the time. The owner seems like a pretty groovy dude, the classes are very reasonably priced, and I always love yoga classes when I take them. They kick my butt in a big way – it's h-a-r-d. Awesome workout.

As for the Vata section, there is truth to that too. I have been seeking peaceful, calming environments and have been focusing on keeping myself in a peaceful restful state. I actually do a good job of keeping routine in my life and sleep cycle and I have been actively weeding the drama out of my life.

One of the questions in the second quiz really struck me. It asked if I have been resisting getting out of a part of life (relationship, job, etc) that is no longer nourishing me. To that, I can say 100% no. I think applying to PhD programs is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I am looking forward to moving, getting into a new city/town, changing every part of my life. I need some new energy and a new direction. Wherever I end up, I fully expect that the old, pre-2000 Stevie will be back soon.

As the first quiz, my Vata body type showed, I thrive on change and am always looking for ways to move things around, improve things, shake things up. I enjoy it and it keeps me motivated, interested, and energized.

So, tip my glass to 2008 and the positive changes that are coming for me as I move on to new adventures and new energy. I absolutely positively 100% cannot wait. Bring it on! The sooner the better.

Want to do your own chopra quizzes? Go to

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