Caturday – Isabel’s Time in the Spotlight

I've dedicated so much energy to Dunkin lately because of his medical scare, I decided to give Izzy some time to be the center of attention. One of the funniest thing about Isabel is that she EATS FISH FOOD! How crazy is that?

It's a morning ritual in our house, right around 7:00 on weekdays that everyone gets their breakfast – the cats first, then the fish, then me. I always turn the tank light on just before I feed the fish and they have been trained like Pavlov's dog to come running… ummm, swimming… when the light goes on because they know the food will be following.

Well, the tank light makes a pretty darn loud clicking sound when it turns on and what is hysterical is Isabel comes running too… from wherever she is in the house. I click the tank light on and immediately hear her paws hit the floor from wherever she is perched at the moment. Ha! Cracks me up. This morning I got some shots of Izzy and the fish, enjoying a light snack together.

In case you're wondering, she never goes after the fish. Even when they are nose to nose eating in the same spot. She looks at them but doesn't swat or try to grab them. I suppose they both know there's more than enough fish food for everyone. Hee hee.

These are from our last trip to the vet. Isabel is smarter than Dunkin in that she remembers the cat carriers and immediately runs and hides when they come out of storage because she knows they only mean one thing… a trip to the vet. So every day that contains cat carriers is automatically a bad day in Izzy's world. Dunkin, bless his heart, does not clue in until I have grabbed him and am trying to finagle him butt first into the carrier. Right about then is when the light bulb goes off over his head and he starts frantically trying to get away.

So here's Izzy desperately trying to find a good hiding spot in the vet's office. Can you find her in this picture?

Ok, not such a great hiding spot. Try again Izzy.

How about this one?

MUCH BETTER! Good job, Izzy. She actually found this spot when I had stepped out to go to the bathroom. I got quite a good laugh out of it.

Such a sweet girl.

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11 thoughts on “Caturday – Isabel’s Time in the Spotlight

  1. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky that they both come out when we open the door. If they get back in before they should though, it's really hard to get them out the second time. But – no ketchup shaking here. The scopp and drag technique is our flavor of choice.

  2. Aw, we have to use the "scoop and drag" technique at the vet too. Otherwise they just cower in the back of the carrier. Poor things.I've never heard of kitties liking fish food, as opposed to liking the fishies. Heehee!

  3. I loved this…LOL…yummy fish fud !!
    And the sink hiding place….I can just see the tips of her ears sticking up, but only after I saw the last pic. You can tell she's trying to keep her head down….yoo cant see meh !!!

  4. My guess – fear. Poor little pookie. She's kinda shy and nervous by nature, so trips to the vets with poking, and prodding, and sticking with sharps things isn't her idea of fun.

  5. Well now, I'm sure if one just "happened" to end up in her mouth she wouldn't complain too much. But I've never see her try to go after them. Even when they are right there! Interesting…

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