Rejection #1

This is a Friends and Family only post… Just not ready to be rejected, laughed at, pitied, or condescended to by the whole world…

Well, folks, got my first PhD rejection today. Sigh… It was from University of Maryland, College Park.

I'm not crushed or even disappointed because UMCP was not one of my top choices. Don't get me wrong, if I had only gotten in there I would have packed my suitcases and skipped on over whistling happily. But if I got in to Maryland and any other school, I would almost definitely choose the other school.

But, a rejection is a rejection. There will definitely be more.

All I need is one acceptance… All I need is one! Just one! Send me good vibes. I probably won't find out anything else until March. Maryland's deadline was 4-6 weeks before the others which is why I heard from them so fast.

Want to wallow in my burning ball of flame with me? Here it is in all its glory…

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12 thoughts on “Rejection #1

  1. I'm sending all the good vibes I can! I'm sure you'll get into a better university. And then you can laugh at how pathetic the University of Maryland were to not take you. When I first applied to university I got rejected by some incredibly dud places. It ended up great in the end because it made the acceptance of better universities even sweeter. Chin up! I know you can do it!

  2. Sorry, Stevie. You on paper is not even close to what a wonderful and amazing human being you are. It is their loss not yours. And remember, everything happens for a reason, you were not meant there. Right now the universe is sending you the perfect place to be accepted.

  3. You are a fantastic person with MANY talents. You got all your application materials ready, and you submitted them with a lot of hope and heart. The programs you get into are going to be delighted that you are more than a fit for them on paper–they will find out how super you are and be proud that you will be a graduate of their institution! You rock, SK, don't doubt that for a minute!

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