Busy Busy Busy Like a Bee

Egads, I've been a slacker Voxer lately! Just lots of stuff going on, no excuses.

I'm in the final push towards getting my house on the market, so I've been working on lots of projects. Painting, staining, replacing light fixtures, a little electrical work (thanks, Joe!), arranging for new carpet, putting down new floors, getting a new closet built & equipped. Yeah, man. It's been a lot of work, but also fun.

Hopefully my house will be on the market in the first half of February. Then, fingers crossed, it will sell within six months. I am optimistic. Despite the housing crunch we've heard so much about, our part of Virginia is actually growing. Plus my house will be in the under 200K price range which are generally selling in approximately six months – or, as my Realtor puts it, there is a six month supply of homes under 200K.

He recently said that there are only 168 single family homes in the entire city/county area under 200K, that's gotta increase my odds a bit. There are tons of townhomes & duplexes in my price range, but not too many single family homes. Plus my house is darn cute. I would buy it! Oh yeah, I already did. Ha.

I'll post before and after pictures as projects are finished.

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