Light Fixtures

Alrighty, for your viewing pleasure here are the before and after shots of my new light fixtures.

I replaced two other fixtures about two years ago plus had all the ceiling fans replaced and they all match pretty well with brown and black wood/metal features and white glass. There were three other fixtures in close proximity that truthfully I never even notice because I don't ever use those lights. But when my realtor walked through he said it looked funny that they had not been updated too. So I took his word for it and switched them out.

Here are the before photos. I call them Boring and Boring-er because they are… well… boring.

Just your basic, white light fixtures. Easy to see why I didn't notice them.

Here is the one I installed in their place. All three are the same to give it flow or connection.

I have to say they do look nice and I LOVE the shadow they throw on the ceiling. Very lantern-like. They are actually indoor/outdoor porch lights. If love love love them and want to go get your own, here's the box:

And… drumroll, please… Here's the best part:

I do love a bargain! They look great and they were dirt cheap. Woot woot!

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