Here are some shots of my new kitchen and bathroom floors.

The old kitchen floor still looked pretty good. The reason I switched it is that I got a new counter top about two years ago called something like mocha chocolatte or something like that. I love it. It's got lots of brown and black and cream tones. My kitchen floor, unfortunately, was a gray slate color. Not so much matching. Not so much blending cohesively. Lots of weird double takes. So, I picked out a new beige stone type floor and I think it looks fabulous. It really brightens up the room. The only draw back is that it shows dirt so much more than the old floor. Eek!

The lighting is weird in all these photos. Some seem too yellow, some seem too white. So I posted both because the truth is somewhere in between.


Now, I soooooooo wish I had taken a before picture of the bathroom floor but I plum forgot. It was a mess. It had paint and caulk smeared all over it. The area behind the toilet was the worst part. It looked like a caulk gun exploded. There were huge globs of solid caulk all around the floor behind the toilet. Whoever did that should be shot. It was really horrible. Alas, no before's, but here's the after. It's amazing what a difference something as simple as a floor can make. Again, weird yellow/white light issues. It's somewhere in between.

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5 thoughts on “Floors

  1. I totally understand. I snapped and redid the entire floor of two large adjoining room in our basement and it made the whole house seem like double the "real" space. It wasn't just this horrid afterthought anymore.The only problem I have with your counters, though (I love that blend of colors!) is that hearing "mocha chocolatte" got my head to automatically go, "Mocha chocolatte, yah, yah! Free your Lady Marmalaaaaade!" and that damned song is going to be part of my brain for hours.

  2. Bwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!That was hysterical!On some very weird cosmic coincidence, I have had Lady Marmalade running through my mind at times the past week too! So very strange. And to top it off, t is always some weird completely unrelated phrase like mocha chocolatte that triggers it for me too! So very strange.

  3. It looks great. I wish I had the courage to instal new flooring. Our kitchen needs it. We also need new countertops b/c the aholes that sold us this house put flooring for countertops and cheap shit for flooring, anyway, long story. I am proud of the fact that I fixed a crapper the other day. Maybe one day I will be as brave as you, rock on!

  4. Peel and stick, baby, peel and stick. It's the best idea ever. The only hard part was cutting the tiles into the intricate shapes going around door frames and moulding. That was HARD! And I did not do a very good job in parts, but at least it's done. I can go back and re-cut those tough pieces later.Fix a crapper? You go! I have not worked up the nerve to try plumbing yet.Floors as counters? WTF? How does that work?

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