Outside of house painted… Check!

Of all the five million billion projects I'm doing to get my house ready to sell, I think the one with the biggest cosmetic bang is painting the outside of my house.

I live in a cabin, dark brown siding on top and stucco on the bottom. When I moved in the stucco was not looking great. See… Peeling right off so you could see the cinder blocks under the stucco. Not good.

So I patched all the crumbling spots with cement. The dark grey spots are the patches. Oh boy, don't you want to buy THIS house. It's beautious.

Better Homes and Gardens, here I come! A shoe-in for "Home of the Year" if I do say so myself.

But I worked up the courage and strength and tackled the outside with the stucco cocktail called Drylock. It is used for waterproofing walls as well as repairing broken parts, cracks, etc. Let me tell you… That Friggin stuff weighs 500 pounds a scoop. It's so heavy you can't apply it with a paint brush or a roller, you have to use an industrial strength wish broom or trowel. True. I did two walls last weekend and thought my arm was going to fall right off my body. Ouch. Finished the third wall on Saturday. Though it was HARD, I am pleased with the results. It's not a professional job, but I think it's pretty good and 150 times better than it was.

Ta Daaaaaaaa…

Even did the back wall even though it didn't really need it…

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