Th lite! I Can Seez It. Itz jus ovur ther…

These last few weeks have been exhausting. I apologize for all but disappearing from my Vox neighborhood. I have read through postings but I just haven't had the energy to post comments or write my own stuff.

I honestly feel like I have been sprinting a marathon. The list I have to fix up the house just keeps getting longer. It's funny how that works. Just when I get most things crossed off I start noticing a whole bunch of other things to do.

The other problem is every time I start typing one of my cats comes over for attention. It's been rough on them too, all the people in and out, all the chaos… So of course I want to give them some attention and comfort.

Well, I am happy to say that I met with my Realtor on Thursday and did all the paperwork and my house officially goes on the market on Monday!


He was very pleased with how it looks and thinks it's going to be a competitive seller. One similar house in my area sold within a month recently. Egads! There are others that have been on the market a bit longer, but most are selling within 4-6 months.

The advantage I have is how fabulous it looks cosmetically. All the improvements are really going to set it apart. Some of the other house that are priced comparably with similar square footage are PITS! It looks like the owners had not done anything for years. Dirty, old, ragged…

The disadvantage is that my house is a two-bedroom, two-bath so it won't appeal to families with several kids. There is a 400 sq foot unfinished part of the basement that could be made into another room if the new owners wanted, but then they'd lose the storage space.

So, I'll post the info from the web next week once it's online. I am thrilled at how everything is working out. Excited to start the new chapter in my life and live in a new place, but I will miss this cozy little house. It's got a lot of my heart.

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4 thoughts on “Th lite! I Can Seez It. Itz jus ovur ther…

  1. Yay!!!!That's what I hate usually about cleaning/fixing things. Nobody ever seems to appreciate it unless it doesn't get done. Feh.At least you've documented some of the fabulous stuff you got done.Careful not to do what my mom did at least twice, though. She'd decided to sell a place, fixed it up for showing, and fell in love with it…after showing it. She pulled one place off the market because she couldn't bear to leave "just when it was nice" and another she felt ashamed that she hadn't finished everything-pulled it off the market to finish that stuff and then couldn't bear to sell that one.

  2. Oh no! Your mom is a hoot. I'll admit that I got teary this weekend when it hit me that I really was selling it. I love love love this house and it's my first. You never forget your first anything, right?But I can't see myself pulling it off the market. These are all steps towards moving my life in a new direction and I REALLY want to go in that direction. If I could take the house with me, I might consider it though.

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