What Celebrity do you Look Like?

Attempt number one… Anuar Zain is a 73% match? Really? Who the heck is that? And, he's a dude!

Attempt number two… Laura Bush? Really? And, again, a bunch of dudes…

Attempt number three… Much better! Apparently I look like a girl when I have long hair…

And finally, trying to be funny… Ha ha…

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4 thoughts on “What Celebrity do you Look Like?

  1. Attempt #3. 'Apparently I look like a girl when I have long hair…' So does John Cusack.Attempt #4. I definitely see the Julie Andrews in that pose.In all cases but 4, the highest match does seem the closest to me (#4 is definitely closest to Julie Andrews), but I think it is more of a facial expression match.

  2. I never realized how much Lyndon Johnson and Lauren Bacall looked like each other.Gee, thanks.Maybe it's like a horoscope, where you could just sort of randomly generate stuff so that any submission would spit back about one-third distinguished-but-not-"pretty", one-third obscure, and one-third stunning. Put 'em all at random angles and see if anyone doesn't still find it interesting.

  3. lol… Funny. I see the cheeks/dimples/smile match with Anuar in #1. But I think all the others are just kind of weirdly random. Though I'm flattered that David Beckham is in one group even if it is the WORST picture of him ever.

  4. Heh heh… It definitely looks like a totally random bunch of celebrity photos with a half-a$$ed attempt to match the angle or one dominant feature. Personally, I don't want to look like any of those peeps.

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