Office Pranksters at it Again

One of the MANY reasons I love my job is that my colleagues are always playing funny pranks on each other. I blogged about this one in December but for some reason I didn't write about the 24 HOUR prank we played on my boss to commemorate his 50th birthday. 24 hours… sigh… We really outdid ourselves with that one.

Well I came back to work after being out all last week to find my office wrapped from top to bottom in yarn! I got yarned! It was friggin hilarious. The best thing is that I had no suspicions whatsoever. Never even crossed my mind to worry. And it should have because we pretty much do something to the office of anyone who is gone for a whole week. It's guaranteed.

So I got a few pictures. The only criticism I had for my lovely colleagues is they should have used brighter colored yarn because navy blue just does not show up well enough in photos. Bless their hearts. Apparently this is one long contiguous piece of yarn. Pretty impressive. It went up into the ceiling, through my mini fridge, into the book shelf, into the desk, and criss-crossed every square inch of air space. I had to crawl to my desk. I left it up for half the day but my knees started hurting from all the crawling so I caved and cut it all down.

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