Virginia Primary

I voted this morning at 7:15am. My polling place is a local volunteer fire department. During "regular" elections it is never really too crowded or busy at that time of the morning. I think the last presidential election was the busiest I've seen it and there were roughly 20 people in line ahead of me and a ten minute wait. Not bad at all.

This morning there were seven people there to vote. There were no candidate signs out front, no people passing out literature, and no "I Voted" stickers. It looked NOTHING like the crazy lines and crowds in other states. I must admit I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to be a part of the hoopla.

The other interesting factoid – there were six Democrats and 1 Republican present. How do I know this? We had to declare it out loud at the check-in table because there were separate machines for each party.

All-in-all a much more uneventful but still interesting experience.

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10 thoughts on “Virginia Primary

  1. I know. I was so disappointed. Especially since the news people have been saying that Virginia really does matter this time. I thought that might bring more people out. Sigh…

  2. How' was the weather there? We had light snow off and on this morning…(PA) – now it's freezing raining.Maybe people delayed for better weather? I hope? I hate to think that the news people are lying to us about EVERYTHING!

  3. Eh, weather was a little messy but nothing really that would keep people away. A dusting of snow overnight. It was supposed to be sleet and freezing rain during the day but that didn't really get going until 5:00 or so, so nothing to squash participation. Interestingly, our polls closed at 7:00 and they had called the democratic primary for Obama by 7:15! Must have been a pretty darn big stomping for it to get called that soon.

  4. Yeah, I heard something on the radio the other day that really shook me up. If we elect Hilary we will essentially have had TWO FAMILIES in charge of our country for 24+ years. Two families… That really scares me. As much as I want to support her because she is a woman, I think she is inherently too divisive and I don't think the Clinton-Bush quarter century has been particularly successful.

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