Paw Paw’s Valentine’s Birthday

Went to a friend's birthday party tonight. Yes, folks, he is just that lucky to be born on Valentine's Day. It's nice though that his family made today all about him and not as much about V-Day. He hates to be the center of attention so it was funny to watch him try to be gracious in a very uncomfortable way. Hee hee.

These men are BOTH Paw Paw… How funny is that? It was Paw Paw on the right's birthday.

Birthday cake… HA! Good one.

The kiddie-poos playing games…

And, finally, my favorite part… these napkins ROCK:

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13 thoughts on “Paw Paw’s Valentine’s Birthday

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  2. You know, the truth is my name is Stevie and I'm a Google addict. I don't wonder about anything anymore. I just run straight to the computer, type in a few words, and presto! anything you ever wanted to know at your service. It's an information junkies wet dream!

  3. I know, aren't they cute? Their kids had a kid together so they are together a lot. It's funny to watch them interact. Paw Paw on the left gave Paw Paw on the right this old fart t-shirt for his birthday. He was so excited to give it to him he unwrapped it himself. It was pretty funny.

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