Best Bathroom Ever… and the food was good too.

How's that for a title? Bathroom AND food together! Yessssssss…. All the germaphobes are running for the Lysol as we speak. Hee hee.

A new restaurant opened in our town this week – Clementine. It's been getting hyped for MONTHS about being a kind of upscale, chic, NY lofty kind of place. The opening has been delayed a bunch of times as they've worked through the kinks which has just increased the anticipation. Well, finally, after much hubbub, it opened this week and my friend, Pete, and I went last night.

Overall, it was good. It does have an upscale kind of menu. Lots of trendy foods, warm colors, local artists' work on display… Huge lofty ceilings in the main floor, a downstairs den-like bar area.

We had crabcakes for an appetizer. They were soft and actually very tasty. Pete got shell in his – yuck – but they had crab meat that was easily identifiable, weren't drowning in Old Bay, and had some strong scallions that gave them in nice kick. Yum. I had seared ahi tuna with a million descriptive adjectives and sauces which included garlic, wasabi, and other yummy things. It was good. The tuna was well prepared and very healthy. Being a KAPOW flavor kind of person, I was a little disappointed that I could barely taste all the descriptive adjective sauces. But it was healthy and I wasn't too upset. Pete got braised pork loins which other people had been raving about and he enjoyed them too. All in all I'd give the ambiance 4 stars and the food 3. Their target audience is apparently 30's and 40's career women… cough cough… so… I APPROVE.

But the bathroom…

Oh the bathroom…

The bathroom gets 5 stars and a kiss on the cheek.

People have been talking about the bathroom more than the food or any other part of the restaurant. It's actually pretty funny. So, of course, that's the first thing Pete and I did…  went and checked it out. Like total dorks we took a few pictures. The second one is blurry because I was laughing so hard. But I think you get the general idea.

It's a unisex one-seater. The room is approximately 10 by 10, so 100  square feet of bathroom for a person to enjoy. 100 square feet. Yowza! It had a beveled glass divider down the middle with an easy chair on the sink side. An easy chair! In the bathroom. Ha ha. It had one of those flat surface sinks that you see in fancy-schmancy hotels or on HGTV and was beautifully decorated. Five stars, my friends. Five stars. See for yourself…

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6 thoughts on “Best Bathroom Ever… and the food was good too.

  1. Well, now that you mention it, I am sure some of those private luxury jet bathrooms <cough…Trump> are probably way more fabulous. But every coach class bathroom I've been in has been remarkably tiny. I'm not a big person and I can barely fit. Trump's jet probably has gold leaf toilet paper though. Not sure how I feel about that.

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