Pete and I also saw Jumper last night.

For those of you who don't know, my super power of choice is Teleporting. I don't want to read minds (too much information), or fly, or be invisible… I want to be able to blip around the world anywhere I want at the blink of an eye. As a bonus, just think what that could do for global warming if we didn't have cars, or planes, or trains, or motocycles anymore! I digress…

This movie is GREAT! Hayden Christianson – whom I HATED in the Star Wars movies – is actually very good. His brooding glowering frowny personality works well when he's getting chased and tortured by people who are trying to kill him.

It was a great action movie and a different take on the usual chase plots. There was another twist at the end that sets

it up perfectly for Jumper 2 which I am more excited about if that's possible.

Samuel L. Jackson was, as usual, a complete BADASS! I love him. Snakes on a Plane aside, he really is an awesome actor and always fun to watch. He was relentless in this movie and the script did not feel obligated to fill in every single nugget in the storyline so there was a lot to think about.

The other Jumper, Jamie Bell, was fun to watch too. He was gritty and dirty and cocky and a nice juxtaposition to Hayden's earnestness. The female lead, Rachel Bilson, was fine. Nothing fabulous, but not bad. There really wasn't much for her to do besides brood and worry and kiss Hayden. She did that well, I suppose.


The biggest surprise though was that the theatre was PACKED. I don't know what it's like where you live, but we have a 12-screen theatre with varying sized auditoriums. Jumpers was in one of the big ones and almost every seat was filled. I was trying to remember if that has happened before. Maybe for huge movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, or Harry Potter. But I don't remember Jumpers getting that same hype as those and it was almost sold out. Pretty cool.

I'd say 4 stars. Strong action and a lot of fun. Come on Jumper 2…

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8 thoughts on “Jumper

  1. Jamie Bell—wasn't he the cute kid in…in…in…
    ah crap, now i have to IMDB it because I can't come up with it…the little English kid who was dancing…
    ah yes, he was Billy Elliott! I loved that movie! thanks for the review!

  2. Well, you are the second person in a week that has mentioned how much they liked Billy Elliott. I never saw it so I think I may need to rent it.You'll probably like him in Jumper. He was a great character. Very scruffy edgy bad boy.

  3. Oh! lol… I didn't realize it was a typo! Ha. I thought you were going for some pun or joke and I totally didn't get it. Hee hee. Whew! Glad we cleared that up. πŸ™‚

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