I’m #67! Yessssssssss!

Hee hee.

The first potential buyers came through to look at my house today. Woot! Hope they liked it.

It's funny, but this process has been an interesting experience for me because deep down I'm convinced that my house will sell fast. I think I said this in an earlier post, but there is a part of me that thought there would be bunches of people coming through last Wednesday who would then end up in a bidding war. Seriously.

I am the eternal rose-colored glasses person. Cock-eyed optimist. Flowers and sunshine. I have gotten much better as I have gotten older at seeing the world as it really is and not as I want it to be. I'm more realistic and practical now so I do understand that houses in my price range typically sell in an average of 6 months. There is a big difference between three days and six months. I get that. But I love my house and so I think every one else will too. [huge grin]

So, today my first potential new best friends came through. I sure hope they liked it.

Oh yeah! The title refers to my house's ranking through my realtor's website. They track the number of views each property gets and list the top 100. Mid-week last week mine wasn't even in the top 100, so it's shot up quite a bit! Yay!

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7 thoughts on “I’m #67! Yessssssssss!

  1. someone will absolutely love it. We found that when looking for a house to buy. The one we ended up buying just had the right feel to it as soon as we walked in. The others we just breezed through going yeah, yeah, bathroom, bedroom bla bla. So someone will walk in yours and it will feel like theirs.

  2. I don't know anything about buying or selling houses, but I do know that living with an optimistic point of view is wonderful. Bad things happen to everyone, but EXPECTING them all the time just makes life worse — hooray for you and I hope the house sells quickly — from another "Cock-eyed Optimist" — !

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