Eep! Walk Through #2

A realtor brought someone else through my house today and they didn't call first to let me know. Not that I would have said no, of course, but it's still good to know in advance.

Things I did not do to put my house in showroom condition:

1) Hide the can of popcorn ceiling spray I will use to camo the blobby area in the bedroom.
2) Close the bedroom closet doors (my dirty clothes hamper is in there).
3) Put away the extra carpet pieces I put around the woodstove to prevent embers from urning holes in the new carpet.

Ok, so those are no big deal. I know. It's just that I am fighting all my natural instincts to keep the house neat and tidy EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN DAY. It's not that I'm a slob, but I'm also not a neat freak. I'm just comfortable. There's always a little clutter lying around, I never make my bed, and usually a dish or two in the sink. Keeping the whole house picked up and cleaned up is tiring and stressful.

Come on people! Buy my house so I can go back to my old lifestyle!

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2 thoughts on “Eep! Walk Through #2

  1. I hope you can sell quickly. Everyone that I've spoken to about selling their homes said basically what you just did; trying to keep it spotless was soooo taxing. I'm absolutely terrified to think what it will be like when we try to sell the condo. I know it will be so nerve wracking since we're not living there and have no real control over the condition of the place.

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