Life, Love & Death, Introduction

Yesterday was a day that I felt like God was talking to my heart. I was given or sent or made aware of four different stories/situations that all centered around the themes in the title – life, love, and death. I'm going to post them separately because some are long and I thought they might be more digestible in smaller doses.

So, before I begin, to my friends and family who read this blog: I love you, I think about each of you every day, and if the worst should happen please know that you will be in my heart forever.

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4 thoughts on “Life, Love & Death, Introduction

  1. Those were all so hard to read. They remind you to never waste a moment though. I hope you know that we feel the same. Kev and I often wish we could find a way for all of us to get together more often, but even though we can't you are all aways in our hearts as well.

  2. I know. There's a lot of distance between us. I'm very thankful that we've found this as a way we can connect and stay plugged in to each others' lives. I hate talking on the phone and that makes me feel guilty because it's maybe the easiest way to keep in touch. But if this online stuff works and provides a means, I'm thankful.

  3. Me too. The problem with the phone with us is that by the time we find some quiet to make a call, it's much too late to call. At least this way we can do it whenever we have a moment and you don't hear all the constant background noise. 🙂

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