Sick Day

I took the day off today. This has been a rough week, I've been a lot more tired than usual. Sometimes almost to the

point that I feel woozy and drunk and slur my words. Very weird. On Thursday, for the first time in my life, I caved and got REAL sleeping pills – Unisom. They definitely seem to have helped, though I'm still not sleeping the way everyone else in the civilized world does. But I haven't remembered my dreams for the past two nights so I feel like I'm in a deeper sleep state.

Woke up this morning completely exhausted, achy, and with the beginnings of a sore throat (enter ominous music here) so I took the day off to try and nip it before it turned into the actual flu.

Spent the day researching the professors at UConn so I can talk intelligently with them about their research when I visit next week.

Bet you'll never guess what I spent the evening doing… Hmmmmm? Any guesses?

Yup, downloading banners.

Now I have lots all nicely tagged in my photos so I can put them up as often as I like. Saw a few in the Banners groups by our very own Little Maio and Crankypants.

Off to bed to the land of Unisom to sleep and sleep and sleep.

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23 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. I wish we were there to make you some homemade chicken soup. We hope you feel better soon. Wrap yourself up in your fluffiest blankie and have a hot toddy on us.

  2. It's not too hard to make, it's yummy, and it makes you feel better. In my opinion chicken soup is one of those 'perfect' foods. 🙂 It really sucks to be sick on the weekend too. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Do you have a favorite recipe? I made it this past fall with butternut squash which was yummy. But I'm always open to new ideas. A crock pot type recipe would be best because I don't have a big pot for the stove.

  4. I am feeling much better today. I think I was just completely exhausted combined with fighting off the icks that are going around. I'm telling you, Unisom is amazing! I have now had three good nights' sleep in a row and that never happens!

  5. LOL, stevie!! At least you still maintain your priorities! Little miao would be proud of you. You have the same "work" style. ;-)Take care of yourself. Personally, I'm into Advil PM for getting the sleeps when I needs them. Hope the Unisom works!!

  6. Mr. Lavender has had some trouble the past few months with sleep. You have been SO busy, loads of stress, fixing the house, work, etc… LOADS!!! How did all the awareness meetings go earlier this week?

  7. Your recipe sounds really good, I would have never thought of butternut squash.If you could send it off to me I'd really appreciate it. As for myself, I just break out a recipe book or go to for some new ones. Your mom gave me a new cookbook when she was here, I'll have to see what kids of chicke soup recipes it has. 🙂

  8. Awareness meetings? You mean with Daniel? Cause if not, I have forgotten large chunks of my life which is an indicator I should go back to sleep.

  9. I've had Tylenol PM recommended too. I wanted to go for something guaranteed to work though the "might form habits" warning is a little unsettling. If Advil or Tylenol are non-habit forming and still work, I'd be willing to jump ship.

  10. I started using it on recommendation from friends who have used it. I can't do Tylenol, but the Advil one works really well for me. The ingredient in both is an antihistamine, the same one that makes you sleepy in stuff like Benadryl. Good luck, Stevie–a night of good sleep truly feels like a dream.

  11. Well, shoot, then I don't think it will work. I tried Benedryl before I tried Unisom. I only took one, the directions said one or two were fine, but it didn't do anything for me. That's when I got desperate and went for the GOOD stuff. lol… Maybe I'll give it a shot anyway. I really don't want to get addicted or dependent on sleep meds, but I'm a TERRIBLE sleeper on good days. Maybe it's time to sign up for the sleep study at the local hospital…

  12. Maybe it's time to sign up for the sleep study at the local hospital…It might be worth a try. One of my co-workers, it turned out, had sleep apnea and that's why she couldn't sleep!

  13. Yeah… I've heard a lot about sleep apnea. I don't snore and don't think I stop breathing… but who knows? I don't know what I do – or don't do – when I'm asleep. My biggest problems are waking up every 2-3 hours and not ever getting down into deep sleep. I seem to be awake or semi-conscious a lot. Sucks.

  14. Hey, thanks! I almost didn't recognize you with the new username! I'm sure I'll blog about the trip. I'm really looking forward to it. Should be fun.

  15. Oh, ha ha… They went well. One was the parents of a JMU student who died from an eating disorder. They come every year. The members of her sorority made a big deal out of her struggle/death/life and started a scholarship in her honor, so she has never been forgotten even though all the students from back then are gone. We need that message at JMU. We have a very attractive student body with a 60/40 ratio women to men which helps create a feeling of competition. Lots of eating and exercise disorders and alcohol. We're working on it but it's a tough battle.

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