Enlarge this if you can't read what's on the back of the truck…

I'll wait…

Ok, so…WTF?

First of all, what is "technical" animal fat? And please tell me there are not people out there waiting for the tanker truck full of non-technical animal fat to pull up outside their house and unload. Ummm… Ewwww…..

This truck traveled up Interstate 81 for about four hours last week when I was going to UConn. Well, I assume it was the same truck. But I suppose there may be bunches of technical trucks buzzing around. Could be. I suppose.

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14 thoughts on “Wha?

  1. ……….. I'm speechless. WTF? I wonder where the "technical" animal fat is headed then. And what it's for. I fear these will be some of life's unanswered questions.

  2. haha – I'm pretty sure it's used for industrial purposes – like tallow for candles, soap byproducts, commercial lubricants, etc.But even so… ewwwww! I do not like thinking of a tanker truck being full of FAT. Whether the fat is technical or not doesn't really matter!

  3. Nice. You didn't happen to follow them to see where they stopped did you? If it was a Dorito factory don't tell me! BTW, have you gone out w/Daniel yet?

  4. See, I love stuff like that. Like on Vienna sausages, where the first ingredient is "mechanically separated chicken". Not chicken, mind you, but mechanically separated chicken. I keep imagining a bunch of guys in white coats, standing around saying, "I'm not touching that!"Makes me especially appreciate the Fritos ingredient list. Corn, corn oil, salt- that's it.

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