Shrinkage Day Four

Ok, short update because I'm pooped…

Monday was my first official weigh in where the scale teetered dangerously at 159 1/4.

Tuesday – Thursday were my detox days where I limited my diet to proteins and green veggies. I weighed in today at noon at 158, so I've lost a pound and a quarter. Last time (2 years ago) I did this diet I only lost 3/4 in the first three days of detox, so I'm ahead this time. I weigh in again next Thursday.

What I have eaten:

2 eggs for breakfast
8/10 lb roast beef slices for lunch
10 celery sticks snack
4 grilled chicken strips (no breading) and a huge bowl of broccoli for dinner

2 eggs for breakfast
1/2 lb turkey slices for lunch
big salad and big salmon fillet for dinner

2 eggs for breakfast
1 cucumber sliced snack
2 tins sardines lunch (yuck – won't do that again)
10 celery sticks snack
1 cup chopped chicken with mayo dinner
10 celery sticks snack

I *should've* been eating snacks on Tuesday and Wednesday too, but I was too busy.

So, tomorrow I start the real plan. Each day I can eat:
2 proteins (but I usually do 3)
3 veggie servings
3 fruit servings
2 starch servings
1 dairy serving
1 fat serving
2 protein bars

Yummers… The protein bars are the best part because they are like candy bars. Mmmmmm…. Bonus is that they are made of a protein compound that is hard for your body to break down so it has work harder which kicks up the metabolism and burns more calories.

Alrighty… that's my update.

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9 thoughts on “Shrinkage Day Four

  1. It's a weight loss clinic through my doctor's office. To me it sounds very similar to Weight Watchers or South Beach, though I've never done either of those.:)

  2. Yeah, I know… I eat TONS of cheese, so that's hard. But I don't drink milk or eat ice cream. Only eat yogurt sporadically. So, aside from cheese withdrawal, it doesn't bother me much.

  3. I stick to this plan through the weight loss phase. Then start adding back in other foods during a stabilization & maintenance phase. It's actually pretty easy – this is pretty close to my diet anyway. I have a hard time getting in the three fruits/day. But the rest comes pretty easily. I eat way more than 3 servings of veggies, I just don't tell my clinician… hee hee.

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