Murphy can Kiss My Ass

I have calmed down significantly now, so this post will spew less bile than it would have 90 minutes ago.

I bought Duma Key on CDs to listen to on my drive to UConn and back. Eighteen hours in the car needs something like a Stephen King novel as a distraction. Great book, loved listening… until cd #6 got stuck in my cd player when I was still five hours from home. Sigh…

I stopped at a Subaru dealership off the interstate to see if they could fix it, they were closed.
I stopped at the auto center in a WalMart, they don't do stereos.
I stopped at a private little car stereo shop recommended by the guy at WalMart, he told me he couldn't fix it because you needed special tools to get into the newer Subaru models or you totally mess up the stereo.

Three strikes… right?

I called the local Subaru dealership this week and they told me they don't even try to fix stereos, they just replace the whole thing – for upwards of $600. Ummm hmmm… Strike four.

They recommended a local private stereo shop. No dice. Strike five.

My last chance is another local shop. I called on Tuesday, the guy was really nice – oh yeah, I can do that, no problem. Great! I thought. I'm happy because I didn't want to throw away a perfectly good stereo that only had a cd stuck, right?

Ummm hmmm…

So I drop the car off today at 12:30. First sign of trouble – he said he would call by 2:30 with my options. Nope. I heard nothing until I called him at 4:30 then it sounded an awwwwwful lot like he hadn't even started it yet. I asked that, of course, but he reassured me that he had been working on it but just hadn't figured it out yet. Ok, benefit of the doubt. I told him I would call him at 6:30 after my last meeting.

So I do and he's hemming and hawing on the phone and saying lots of technical mumbo jumbo which all amounted to the fact tat he couldn't fix it and it was still taken completely apart and lying in pieces on my front seat. Second sign of  trouble.

Lots more technical mumbo jumbo later he's trying to sell me a REFURBISHED stereo for a measly $340. What's that compared to the $600 I would pay at the dealer, he says. Riiiiiiigghhhhhtttttttt… Third sign of trouble… I smell a "sucker" sticker and he thinks it's on my forehead.

So, I very nicely tell him to please put it back and that I would just make due with the radio for a while. Lots more mumbo jumbo from stereo boy that seems to be geared at telling me my stereo will no longer work. Fourth sign of trouble

He puts it all back together. I write him a check for $80. I drive away.

Halfway around the block the cd player starts turning itself off and on and SMOKE starts drifting out of the cd slot accompanied by a strong burning smell. Ummm hmmm…. Yep. Smoke and a burning smell. The cd player acting like it was possessed. My boy totally f****d up my stereo. Completely and totally f****d it up. Dead, dead, dead. Gone. And now I'm freaking out about the smoke and burning smell and thinking his complete and total crap job is also going to cause my car to completely burn up. Grrrreeeeaaatttttttt….. Fifth sign of trouble and hoofbeats from the approaching apocalypse.

So, I whip the car around and go straight back. Lots of excuses on his part. Lots of trying to act like he did not do anything. Lots more hemming and hawing. He finally does what I am asking and disconnects the stereo altogether – pulls out the fuse to be exact. No more possessed stereo. No more smoke.


Of course there is a but…

The clock is now also disconnected AND my Airbag light is on which I can only assume means it won't activate if I should get in a crash. Ummmmm hmmmmmm…. Yep…. That's right. I may not die because the stereo catches on fire, but now I can die because the airbags are deactivated. Grrrreeeeeaaaatttttt… Sixth sign of trouble.

So, my $80 attempt to not be wasteful and ditch a perfectly good stereo is going to turn in BIG money fixing all the things he f****d up.

The ONLY positive note is that I looked on the Crutchfield website and it looks like I can buy a NEW stereo for less than $100. Possibly add new speakers and installation and I'm probably up there at $300. But it won't be going to stereo boy, that's for darn sure.


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15 thoughts on “Murphy can Kiss My Ass

  1. Oh my god. From the sounds of it, I'm a little surprised he didn't completely break your car. Methinks it's time for stereo guy to find a new profession. I'm glad you're able to get a new stereo for (fairly) cheap. Hopefully it all works well.

  2. You should have asked for your money back! Further more, I believe he's liable to repair the damage he caused. Call an attorney, (most have free phone consultations,) and ask thier advice on how to handle it. He should NOT get way with doing this to you.

  3. No, but we have Crutchfield – the catalog electronics people. They are home based in my area. I went there tonight and got a sweet deal on a new setup for less than $160. Woot woot!

  4. I had those thoughts too but then my $80 would have ended up costing in the hundreds PLUS a new stereo anyway. I cut my losses and walked away. Lesson learned the hard way.

  5. I don't know, I would have demanded my money back when I returned, or caused a heck of a stink. I guess I'm just getting crusty in my old age.

  6. Believe me, that was simmering under the surface… But I was looking at what I thought was potentially a dangerous situation if my car caught on fire which would have ripple effects of having to buy a new car and thus having a car payment which would affect my big goal of going to grad school debt free. Whew! That was quite a run-on sentence… I decided to walk away with the remainder of my car intact and I DEFINITELY did not want him to do anything else to it. So, I figured $80 was a pittance compared to thousands in repair costs or a new car. Grumble grumble.

  7. Still, I think you should get your $80 back. Maybe on your days off you could stand outside his shop with a sign in protest? Not that there's much of a shop left of course…

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