Shush? Strive? Is this You?

Lol… This is from today's PostSecret. I copied it because it looks like it could be Shush or Strive… Anyone else see the resemblance? Plus, it's such a nice sentiment.

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6 thoughts on “Shush? Strive? Is this You?

  1. 喜單曲。如果你能計算出這門語言,那麼你將有你的答案。我喜歡玩遊戲。微笑。我恐怕照片是不是我,但有….我確實認為它看起來很多像其他女孩你提到的。我猜想我們將永遠不知道。當然,如果你不能把這個訊息….無論你會做什麼呢?小心! Strive2Be (I wonder if you will ever decipher this message and get your answer? Lol)

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