Seven Pounds Skinnier

Today ends week two of my diet. Last week I lost 3/4 of a pound, this week I lost two pounds. All in all I am down 7 pounds since I started. Not too bad! I have started feeling the difference in my clothes, which is very encouraging and motivating. My fat clothes are a little baggier than they were before.

I already ate pretty healthy before this diet, so I have not had a huge shift in eating habits. I never eat chips and other snacky junk food. I never have cakes, brownies, ice cream or other desserts in the house. My basic problems are (1) portions, and (2) sugar. This week I have been working to re-frame how much I REALLY need to eat to be full, not how much I WANT to eat, or think I NEED to eat. It has been relatively easy because there is always something I can eat if I start to feel hungry – celery, an apple, a protein bar – so I never feel like I'm starving myself.

For anyone who wants to play along at home, here is what I ate this past week. See if it works for you.

DAY ONE (Friday)
BREAKFAST – coffee w/ sugar free Coffeemate, Egg Sandwich – 2 eggs, raw spinach, 1 slice cheese, on multigrain bread
SNACK – protein bar

LUNCH – 1 can tuna fish w/ mayo (By itself, no bread. Ate it out of a bowl with a fork.), can of peaches (in own juice)

DINNER – 2 veggie burgers – one slice of multigrain bread per burger
SNACK – protein bar

DAY TWO (weekend)

BREAKFAST – coffee w/ sugar free coffeemate, 2 packets of oatmeal

SNACK – protein bar

LUNCH – grilled tuna steak, brussell sprouts

SNACK – cottage cheese

DINNER – grilled chicken, apple

SNACK – protein bar


DAY THREE (weekend)
BREAKFAST – coffee w/ sugar free Coffeemate

LUNCH – salad (mixed greens, celery, cucumber, sautéed shrimp)
SNACK – protein bar
DINNER – hamburger on multigrain bread, 1 slice cheese, lettuce, onion, and mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)



BREAKFAST – 2 fried eggs, coffee w/ sugar free coffeemate

SNACK – protein bar

LUNCH – turkey wrap, lettuce, tomato, peppers

SNACK – apple

DINNER – 1/2 chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower

SNACK – protein bar



BREAKFAST – coffee w/ sugar free coffeemate, 2 packets of oatmeal

SNACK – protein bar

LUNCH – turkey sandwich on wheat bread, lettuce, tomato

SNACK – can of mandarin oranges

SNACK – protein bar

DINNER – grilled mahi mahi, grilled asparagus
SNACK  – protein bar



BREAKFAST – coffee w/ sugar free coffeemate, 2 packets of oatmeal

SNACK – protein bar

LUNCH – 6” Subway Club on wheat

SNACK – apple

DINNER – Tossed Salad (raw spinach, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, raisins, and pineapple chunks)
SNACK  – protein bar



BRAKFAST – coffee w/ sugar free coffeemate, yogurt, apple

SNACK – protein bar

LUNCH – Small Quiznos Mesquite Chicken Sandwich on wheat

SNACK – can of pears in own juice

DINNER – Tossed Salad (mixed greens, ground beef, salsa, and tomatoes)

SNACK – protein bar

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8 thoughts on “Seven Pounds Skinnier

  1. Seems my big problem is portion sizes. If I bring a bag of stuff in to work, I'll eat a bag of stuff. If I divvy it into smaller baggies or tupperware, I don't. So, I bought a bunch of those round two cup tupperware stuff and can use it accordingly. Half full for one cup, full for two cup. I even sometimes run out of the house in the morning late and will make one up with cereal and eat it about an hour later at my desk.

  2. Wow! Great job! I admire your self-discipline for avoiding the sweet stuff.I noticed just one small thing which was you skipping breakfast on day 3. I've heard it's best to always eat something for breakfast because you end up consuming less calories overall throughout the day. Other than that, good for you! Woohoo!

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