Frank Warren of PostSecret is going to be at Penn State tomorrow WHILE I AM THERE VISITING!!!!!!

OMG I am so excited I can't stand it.

Last semester I sent feelers around to the health educator types at my school about bringing him and no one seemed interested. I just can't believe the luck that our paths will cross in Pennsylvania. Yowza.

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9 thoughts on “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

  1. Stevie, this is wonderful!!! I hope you have the best time, and get to see him. Wow!!! How lucky is that- you're going to be there when Frank Warren is!!!

  2. I just checked out the site. It was interesting, but I must admit I still don't know who Frank is. Just the same, I hope you can pow wow with him at Penn!

  3. Ha ha, no. I've never sent one in. I just post all my secrets here on Vox. Lol… just kidding. It was a great show. The best part was when he opened the mic up to audience members to talk about secrets. Some really brave people… Talked about taking depression meds, cutting, anorexia, problems with family members… It was really intense at times. Link to write up…

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