Saturday Saturday Saturday Night’s All Right

Hello Voxers! I feel extremely weird right now because I am writing this from my friend Jeremy's place. I have never blogged from anywhere except my house – not even from work!

Here's Jeremy. Say hi to Jeremy…

I am posting his picture because I know he will be mad once he sees it, so everyone say something nice about Jeremy in the comments. Tell him how mighty fine he is. A ravishing piece of man meat. Stuff like that…

I am blowing off Relay for Life as I type this. Our department threw together a half-assed team but made no plans at all for the actual event. Some of us were just going to show up at 7:00, stick around for an hour or so, then leave. I had every intention of doing that but then I came over Jeremy's to kill time and got sucked into his super comfy couch and the Meryl Streep movie "Music of the Heart" and 7:00 just came and went. And still I sit. Bot I don't feel bad because I made my donation and in my heart that's what counts.

Tomorrow I leave for Penn State – YAY! I'm excited. I'll be on campus on Monday & Tuesday. I have wireless in my hotel, so unless I'm too tired I'll try to write something so you'll know how it's going. My future could be decided in three days. Eep!

Also, prayers and wishes to my BFF from high school, Shawn. His father died on Thursday night after a very long, slow decline. Shawn has been his caretaker for three years and they had a really deep bond. My heart and my prayers are with him and his family. Rest in peace, Mr. Thomas. You will be dearly missed.

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Saturday Saturday Night’s All Right

  1. Hi Jeremy you have lovely eyes and a terrific smile. Bet you got a big heart too. Penn State yeah now that should cool. Hope you like it. Send pics and let us know. Is Jeremy going also?

  2. Hi Jeremy! You are quite handsome, and I bet you make a great friend, I can tell by that nice smile! Enjoy Penn State, and hope you like it. Send pictures, and let us know what you think.I'm sorry about your friend Shawn's father.

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