Penn State

I am officially a Nittany Lion. I accepted their offer of admission yesterday morning. I now need to practice my Roar and buy lots of navy blue clothes so I'll be all set for August.

The trip was fabulous. I loved every minute of it and knew it was the right place from the moment I arrived. No red flags, nothing that worries me, it's all good. Yay.

I also accepted the assistantship offer to work with the World Campus (oooooo ahhhhhhh, doesn't that sound fancy?) which I am very excited about. The job will be focused on how technology can be used to make teaching and learning better, which is right up my alley and a huge growth field in higher ed – very cutting edge. It's also one of my potential career paths after graduation so it will be real world experience. Woot woot.

And now, enough of the blah blah which I know no one cares about but me and on to the photos which I actually remembered to take this time. So, without further ado, Penn State through my camera lens… Click to enlarge.

Beautiful Campus… PSU has lots of green space which I love love love. Big trees, pretty buildings, flowers not in bloom yet but sooooooo close…

View from the library...I just want to run down the middle doing cartwheels.I had to take this photo because of the blue door.

Crazy tree with buried branches.the Student UnionFlowers just about to bloom.

Wildlife… This is going to sound stupid, but one of my criteria when I was looking at undergraduate colleges was that it had to have squirrels because that made it feel like home. So I was so excited when I saw these guys casually strolling around campus. Yay! Tons of fat, happy squirrels too.

Mass Comm Facilities… There were a few different types of architecture on campus but they blended well – stone, brick, etc… This is the Comm Building where I will be spending every waking hour for the next 3-4 years. It is GORGEOUS. The money was donated by the Carengie foundation and the interior is all marble and hardwoods. Beautiful.


President Atherton's Grave… Something I have never seen before, PSU's first president is buried right in the middle of campus! I thought I was seeing things at first, but no, it's for real…


School Spirit… The nittany lion is EVERYWHERE and all the students seemed to be wearing PSU gear. I love love love school spirit and was so excited to see that. All the students I talked to oozed pride.The first picture is a REAL nittany lion… who knew they were an actual type of mountain lion?


Honor Code… I am huge on living life with integrity, authenticity, and honesty. I was so excited to see the honor code on a plaque on a rock along a sidewalk. Love that. The sense of honor is everywhere. One of my favorite quotes paraphrased – "Integrity is how you behave when no one is looking."

Mount Nittany… This is a cool PSU tradition. Apparently the Penn State Alumni Association owns the top of this mountain and you can buy a square foot once you graduate. Ha ha! I'm sooooooo doing that. You can see the mountain from all over campus. It's very distinctive looking. I didn't take this photo, mine didn't turn out so I googled it. Thanks anonymous photo taker!

MacKinnons Were Here… Ha ha… These are our ancestors! The MacKinnon clan from Scotland. They must have know Penn State was a winner too.


Library… I had a meeting with the librarian dedicated to the Mass Comm department. She was awesome and took me on a tour of the GINORMOUS library facilities. After the official tour we ended up having coffee and talking about reality tv as a research venue for human behavior. Ha! She's going to be my BFF. At one point we encountered this ceiling which she said is famous and these colors are original to the design. Super cool…

PostSecret… And yes, I did go to see Frank Warren and his PostSecret lecture. The lines were UNREAL! I got there an hour early and there were already 200 people lined up. By the time we got to go in the room there were close to 750. The line wrapped up and back and through NINE hallways. Crazy… It was a good show. The most moving part was when he opened the mic to the audience to talk about their secrets. People spoke about depression, cutting, anorexia, family problems, etc. They were very brave and received well by the audience.
0407081953Small part of lineCrowds

First sweatshirt… Reeeaaaalllyyyy bad picture. Ugh. Double chinnage. But my first official PSU gear. Yay.

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16 thoughts on “Penn State

  1. Congratulations! We're so happy for you. Can't wait to hear more. One question, how is the house doing? Scores of people marching through and messing up your floors?

  2. Congratulations!!!! This is wonderful!!! I hope you love it at Penn State!!! I love all the photos you took, they are really good.Have a great Sunday 🙂

  3. The line about the gift is strictly hypothetical and taken from the theme for the "Golden Girls" starring the much under-rated actress Betty White. I didn't want you expecting a gold painted pony from me in the mail anytime soon.

  4. Awwwww, now come on… I think this is tantamount to a written contract. You said the biggest gift would be from you and so I want it. Not so much a gold painted pony though… How about a hot air balloon ride? That's pretty big. Or perhaps a ride on an elephant in Africa. Elephants are big. Or a trip around the world on a cruise ship? Everyone knows cruise ships are ginormous. You can choose, but you have to come too.

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